Rhacodactylus leachianus Green Poindimié

The locality Green Poindimié is one of the rarest in the hobby. Personally i dont know of any other animals in Europe but mine. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to get a suitable male for my female, that i imported from Derek Wong in the US. Thats why i paired up my female with a big Troeger line Mnt. Koghis male. Most of the offspring was sold to the US. I noticed some of them got sold on for ridiculous prices over there. I kept a 50% Green Poindimié x 50% Troeger Line Mnt. Koghis male and bred him back with the female. The offspring of this pairing is now 75% Green Poindimié x 25% Troeger Line Mnt. Koghis. Of course i would have preferred to keep the locality pure.

Animals of this locality have a greenish base color, a very long snout and a very long tail compared to other localities.